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In April of 2018 I purchased a 200-year-old, Federal-style, brick townhouse in lower Manhattan. Although the house retained much of its original detail and charm it had not been lived in for at least a year, and was starting to show the effects of neglect. I was fortunate enough to have hired Lucas Construction to restore and renovate my home.  

Emilio and his crew exceeded my expectations every time they approached a task. The team did a meticulous job both inside and outside the house. They installed a new roof, replaced electrical wiring, oversaw the repair of a gas line that had a leak, and built customized drainage systems in the garden and basement. Everything from bathroom renovation, to installing radiant stone flooring, to sistering antique beams was completed with great artistry and care. Emilio was even able to construct a new set of cabinetry which matches the existing 19thcentury wooden moldings in the living room. Each of these jobs was completed with the utmost quality and a loving attention to detail; the new work fits perfectly with the character of the house. 

Being an artist I had very specific ideas about how I wanted things to look and function. Emilio immediately grasped my aesthetic and design sense, and the results were always in tune with what I was hoping for. Furthermore, all of work on my house was completed within a year, which I still find to be a remarkable achievement. 

I must also mention that Emilio’s crew is unfailingly polite, intelligent, and sensitive to the atmosphere they create in the house. Everything was handled with a tremendous amount of respect. 

I would recommend Lucas Construction without hesitation for any project, large or small. 

-Walton Ford

TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial

The partners and crew at Lucas Construction are among the best I have worked with and my expectations are high. Communication and results are entirely satisfying, including planning, preparation and cleanup; sending photos of work in progress; and prompt exchange of questions and answers. Their high-quality work was completed on time and on budget even with an unanticipated surprise in the process of demolition. I would definitely hire this firm again.

M.Kragness, Fort Greene Brooklyn, NY

TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial

We couldn't be happier with the work that Emilio (and now Kenny) has done and continues to do for us. Emilio and his crew are our go-to team for anything from minor fixes to large-scale renovations, and they always get the job done in a timely and professional manner. They have an extensive knowledge base and always go the extra mile for us. We appreciate them very much and can't recommend them enough.

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn NY

TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial

Lucas Construction has done a variety of jobs in my pre-war co-op apartment, including most recently a complete bathroom renovation. Other projects have included the full range of carpentry, tile work, Installation of plumbing fixtures and cooking appliances, floor refinishing, and painting. They plan every project with great care and detail so that the management company and co-op board have approved them quickly. Every project has been done with meticulous care and with consideration of the challenges of working when I’ve been in residence. The quality of the outcomes has been outstanding. I recommend them without reservation.

Suzanne England, Fort Greene Brooklyn, NY

TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial

Emilio and his team are simply the best. 
They are on time.They lay down paper to protect the floor. They take pictures beforehand  so they can put the furniture back after they clean up perfectly and after they complete the work. They always finish the job. Construction is a complex activity where things go wrong because of logistics and communication breakdown. Emilio communicates details of the work susinctly and completely. When things go wrong, ( they rarely do)he rights them quickly. I have been working with contractors for 30 years. Emilio and his team are the most thorough also very very kind.

Tom S , Nolita

TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial
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